Health over profit.

About Woodpath

Most companies’ about pages are boring. We’ll try something different.

Every year, a new health fad is hyped up and packaged into a supplement product. Then marketed to us as a trend we have to try.

Woodpath avoids that. We take the side of health over profit. We sell tried-and-true, reliable supplements. It's the right thing to do.

Woodpath makes vitamins, but we're first and foremost a resource for better understanding your gut health. We only recommend what we think is a fit.

We'll tell you if you shouldn't buy from us.

Search online, and you’ll find conflicting messages. Try this diet. Use that supplement. It’s often unclear who to trust. So, our goals are:

Only sell ingredients tested in clinical studies that the average person has seen real benefit from.
Sell thoroughly inspected, accuracy-verified vitamins from an FDA-certified laboratory with full certifications.

Supplements aren't magic.

The FDA doesn’t stringently regulate the supplement industry. That’s how some companies can state their products make your health concerns disappear. There’s a reason that sounds too good to be true.

There is no magic pill—or game-changing “special capsule technology.” We stand behind the real, tested research in order to recommend what's safest for you and your family.



We only sell ingredients tested in clinical studies. We don't sell products based on what's trending.


Our products do not contain fillers or other unnecessary ingredients. Our supplements are tested by an independent lab for allergens, heavy metals, and toxins. Everything Woodpath manufactures is through a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Procedures)-certified manufacturer of dietary supplements.

Always improving

Our products evolve as the science does, and as we receive feedback from customers helping us better understand their family's at-home experiences.